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Wildlife Valuation:  We will compile and file (with your county's central appraisal district) the necessary paper work to connvert from 1-D-1 Agricultural valuation to Wildlife valuation.

Comprehensive property evaluation and wildlife management recommendations to achieve your goals and dreams in a time sensitive manner.

Supplemental Feeding:  CG BlueOak Consulting LLC has over 25 years experience in the supplementle feeding of White-tail, Exoitic Deer and Antelope. We can do everything from choosing the feeding station layout for your ranch to setting up a self contained feeding operation where the feed is made on your property. Being able to have complete control of the feed making process allows for many advantages. 1. Eliminate the middle-man, thus saving a large sum of money in the long term. 2. You have the option of choosing the feed ingredients that are right for your herd. 3. You have the option of changing the feed mixture to meet the animal's nutritional needs as the seasons change. 4. You have the option of developing a comprehensive mineral and trace element package that can greatly improve your herd health and performance. 5. All the above combine to give the land owner a great peace of mind. 

Spotlight Census counts:  We will layout, establish, and conduct spotlight  census counts and offer recommendations to achive the deer herd composition that best suites the landowners objectives.

Chemical Immobilization; we can accomplish all of your animal capture and relocation needs.

We have substantial experience working with the following species;
Whitetail deer, Rio Grand Turkey, American Bison, Rocky Mountain Elk, Pere David deer, Barasinga deer, Greater Kudu, Water Buck, Symmetor Horned Oryx, Axis deer, Sika deer, Fallow deer, Black Buck Antelope, Aoudad sheep, Capybara, and Red Kangaroo.

Click on pictures for a larger view. White Tail Deer

Barasinga deer

Greater Kudu

Eastern Screech Owl

Axis deer

Road building and maintenance; we have 20+ years experience, building and maintaining ranch roads. We are very familiar with the workings of all heavy road building equipment.

Food Plot Recommendations; We have years of experience in locating, installing, planting and maintaining food plots, both large and as small as 1/4 acre. We can also custom design a combination of seed mixtures to fit the wildlife that the land owner is interested in. This can be done for both warm and cool season plantings.

Rio Grand Turkey

American Bison

Rocky Mountain Elk

Pere David deer


Red Kangaroo

Computer skills; we are well versed in Outlook Express, Microsoft Word, Computerized Mapping and Digital Photography.

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CG BlueOak Consulting LLC, 1687 Cazey Creek Rd. Medina, TX. 78055

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