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CG BlueOak Consulting LLC
1687 Cazey Creek Rd.
Medina, Texas 78055
Price list Mar. 2009
Prescribed Burns; priced by the job. $750.00 minimum.
Wildlife/Ranch consulting; $100.00 per hour.
Spotlight Census Counts; priced by the job. $500.00 min.
Mapping; $100.00 per hr.for field and computer work. $500.00 min.  Click here to go to Map each price schedule.
Conversion from 1-D-1 open space Agricultural valuation to Wildlife valuation; priced by the job. $750.00 min.
Food plot lay-out and design; priced by the job. $200.00 min.
Chuck Wagon Catering $30.00 per. plate $750.00 min.
Welding service; $45.00 per hr., 2 hour min.
Mules/Trail riding
Mule colt starting; $1250.00
Problem mules; $750.00 per month
Trail Rides $35.00 per hr (guide fee). per rider with discounts for groups over 10 riders. Our mules rent for $20.00 per hr.
Wood Stove; $3000.00
Stair Rails; priced by the job.
Rainwater collector; $8999.00 (includes 1-3000 gal. storage tank)
Purple Martin City; $2499.00
Faux Tree Swing; $1300.00
Deer Feeder pen (Hog resistant); $799.00
Deer Feeder Pole w/auto deer feeder; $999.00
Turkey Feeder; Plywood deck, version 3.00 $749.00
Turkey Feeder; Composite deck version 3.50 $949.00.
Hog trap; $749.00
Wildlife Watering Trough; $599.00
Fish Feeder pole; $499.00
Bat House; 1600 - 2000 cap. $1000.00 (may be mounted on Deer Feeder pole)
Bat House; 250 cap. $249.00 (may be mounted on Deer Feeder Pole)
Eastern Screech Owl house; $99.00 (may be mounted on Deer Feeder Pole)
Wood Duck house; $75.00
Blue Bird house; $49.00
Towel Racks and Paper holders $15.00 to $25.00 each
Prices include installation, however rock installations extra.

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