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CG BlueOak Consulting LLC is dedicated to a holistic wildlife and natural resource management approach. We are also geared towards helping discriminating landowners achieve their goals.
Our collective experiences as land managers total over 30 years, and with many varied talents, some of which are delineated on this web site.

Hiring the right indivduals can make all the difference in a wildlife management project. Our site will guide you through many of our products as well as the services we offer and important company information.

We hope you will find useful information about CG BlueOak Consulting LLC on this website. We look forward to helping you attain your wildlife/property management goals.

Here we have a picture of our flagship product.

Wild Turkey/Songbird feeder

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CG BlueOak Consulting LLC
Paul Garrison III
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Medina, TX. 78055 

Phone: 830-796-5805

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